Oasis of Upper Marlboro ~ Desert of Maryland

MISR, "Manifesting In Spiritual Restoration"

Scripture:  Psalm 136

Theme:  "Individually Unique, Collectively Complete"

Individually Unique, Collectively Complete

"Individually unique, collectively complete,

this sounds amazing and yes it’s very sweet.

There are several steps to take to stay in line with this sentence,​

Be humble, be kind and be ready for repentance.

Remember prayer and to commit to being humble,

If you don’t remember God, you will always surely stumble!

So take God with you in everything you do,

A purple lily represents royalty, rebirth and a new life for you!

Be kind, love one another it’s an easy thing to do,

Forgive and forget should not be, beneath you!

Rather you put on cologne, perfume OR a suit with diamond cuff LINKS-

A nasty person will STILL STINK!!

Manifesting in spiritual restoration a powerful motto and phrase,

It should resonate with everyone especially Now in these Covid days!!

Part of Psalm 136 says give thanks unto the Lord for he is good,

So be purposeful, appreciative but together in sister and brotherhood.

Love is a house, so is love what you see?

If not tap my shoulder and always pray for me!

Yes sir, yes ma’am I’m speaking to you and I hope you don’t mind,

Volunteer for the less fortunate it’s so worth your time!

It’s time to join forces where TWO become ONE,

Remembering the most powerful in the world the FATHER,

the Holy Ghost and the SON!

When you win, I win that’s what it’s about,

walk with me, talk with me so you have no doubt!

I don’t need to feel defeat coming from you,

Our brotherhood/sisterhood should make me feel complete with you!

I trust and believe, I even pray you through,

Don’t let them say I talk about you!

I admire your beauty, your strength and the love you display,

My prayer is for God to make me that way.

So I’ll keep on watching because if God did it for you,

My turn is coming, I WILL WIN TOO!!"

- Donna Y. Suttles

What we do

  • Disseminates information for educational opportunities and career planning to youth and young adults.
  • Provides opportunities for scholarship
  • Stresses the development of powerful leaders
  • Provides for effective networking among its members and organizations
  • Recognizes the historic and current achievement of women
  • Encourages Daughters to exert positive influences in their communities
  • Encourages health awareness amongst youth and adults
  • Renders emergency relief to distressed 
  • members in bone fide need of assistance
  • Promoting positive influences in our communities

Who we are

MISR Court No. 193 is a member of the Imperial Court, Prince Hall Affiliate (PHA). The purpose of the Daughters is to unite women in friendship, to practice charity and benevolence, and to inculcate honor and integrity as symbolized in the legend of Egyptian mythology. The Daughters is of a fraternal, charitable, and benevolent nature.

Over the last 30 years, MISR Court No. 193 has consistently provided outstanding service to their community while always looking for ways to raise the bar of success. There is nothing that these ladies can’t do, once they have set their mind to it.  

When/Where We Meet


Every 4th Saturday 9:00 AM


Camp Springs Masonic Center

6309 Old Branch Ave.

Temple Hills MD, 20748