Oasis of Upper Marlboro ~ Desert of Maryland

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Scripture: Psalms 136

Motto: M.I.S.R, “Manifesting In Spiritual Restoration"

Year Colors: Royal Purple & Platinum Silver (Accent: Black & White)

Theme: "Individually Unique, Collectively Complete”

Song: Never Lost (Ce Ce Winan)

           Deliver Me (LeAndria Johnson)

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight,

O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

MISR Court No. 193, the ‘Purple Diamonds’ of 2021! It’s an honor to be trusted with such an awesome responsibility – and an honor to work with all of you to ensure that MISR Court No. 193 is up to the task. Thanks for making our Court a vital asset for the Organization. With the new year comes fresh starts, resolutions and new beginnings. We are DEBUTING INTO A NEW SEASON! It is a time for making plans, setting goals and writing visions.

First, thank you for your hard work in the past year unprecedented times. We have kicked off the new year by your amazing work with Charlotte Hall gift bags, a very successful D.I.M.E event, all while remaining dedicated to the mission of MISR Court. We’re better as a team than a bunch of individuals (Individually Unique, Collectively Complete). We have heard for months how this “pandemic” is basically going to wipe us out like the bird flu and several others in recent years. This is NOT the time to stop living. It’s NOT what you’re going thru, but how you CHOOSE to go thru it. I don’t deny that there is a deadly virus on the loose.... I deny its ability to prosper against me or my family or those I love. The word says, “For everything there is a season, A time for every activity under heaven... A time to plant and a time to harvest...”. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 This year we are working, and communicating in a way we never could have imagined we would be doing – and we are rising to the occasion. It’s harvest time MISR, not for self but others. It’s time to bless somebody else.

We have heard a lot of comments this year pertaining to “the MISR way”. I love to have fun, however, when there is business, it prevails. We must be committed to “forward progress” of the organization through strategic planning and implementation of processes and capabilities to empower the membership, expand our reach into our communities to improve our place in this current world and the future of our youth. As we continue this surge, we all need to take care of ourselves and each other. We must communicate more, not less. Fight to find the information you need, especially if you’re working on any committees - be on the calls and the emails, you need to be on to stay current, and continue to share good ideas and volunteer where you believe you can help. Most importantly, you should ALWAYS be accountable for your actions, and ready to assume responsibility to make a change.

Organizationally, we’re working to present new ideas to our Court and to care for our own pillars. That means creative use of members and facilities to meet projected demands. As a Court we will sustain our values. Each of us in swore an oath to uphold our Constitution, and can recognize that commitment is a strength for our Organization. Each of us should strive to uphold those values every day, and to speak up when we see our Court fall short of them. We must demonstrate our value to the others in increasing membership, and our continued focus to aid in strengthening partnerships across our own Oasis, and Desert. These partnerships will be key to our success.

It is clear that our future operating environment is likely to require more deeds from us daughters at every level. Ask yourself, are WE developing daughters who can analyze a problem, develop a solution, put that solution in place, and adjust as circumstances change? If not, WE can change our outcomes by changing our mindset? Say goodbye to the negative habits of 2020 “ED’s”, hatED, betrayED, riddlED, shunnED, undisciplinED in your chain of command, burnED, underemployED in a Court you want to give your all to, unappreciatED, brokenheartED, hardenED, threatenED, bulliED instead of accepting the differences, unchallengED yet restricted from using your voice, unaffiliatED, stereotypED… need I go on? UnfulfillED, conflictED, questioning do you want to leave this VOLUNTARY organization, abandonED. Yes, we can say more, OR we can choose to say NO MORE! Where do you stand? Remember, healing is on the other side of acceptance. Facing yourself is sometimes harder than facing the world, but WE must fight thru to get to our purpose.

To the 'Past Commandresses', you are the foundation on which this Court stand. There will be times I will seek, and depend on you for Guidance to ensure all that I do is within this organizations policy, procedures, and Bylaws.

To the 'DIVAN', you are the pillars which holds this Court together to stand AS ONE. Each of your positions comes with great responsibility. Your Commandress should NEVER stand alone. I cannot be successful in this position without you. Yes, there is work to be done. I need your help in executing this organizations and Court endeavors, and adhering to our objectives outlined in our Bylaws, duties established in our rituals, and the expectancy of being an upright woman, sister, and most importantly our own expectations we site in being a MISR daughter... the MISR way! Don't weaponize your position… do the work for your position!

To the 'Court', Your support is the lifeline. You are an amazing group of women! While we work, every heartbeat is moving to the same beat unifying us as one. While we work every pulse is feeding into your heart sustaining life as we move onward and forward. While we work, we will shed some tears… While we work, every deed should be done in a Godly spirit knowing what you have done is pleasing in his sight. Understand, without you there is no active actions; there is no planning of duties; there cannot be any exercising of any objectives.

For 2021, this Court has been organized, and tiered to bring out the very best in EVERY member of this Court. To give every member a ‘choice’ as a Daughter of MISR to have a voice. This year we initiated two (2) NEW Committees, Quality Management Committee who will be able to provide metrics that focuses on gaps to improve MISR Court future events, and the IT Committee whose duties encompasses to maintain MISR Court No. 193 website and social media pages ensuring information is accurate and up to date, as well as to keep inventory of all purchased equipment, software and licensing. Also, MISR Court is bridging partnerships with organizations such as A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI), National Coalition of Negro Women (NCNW), Helping You Grow Successful, (HUGS) CEO our very own Deputy for the Oasis, PC Larolyn Young, William Hall Academy, Kappa Epsilon Psi (KEY) Military Sorority, and Empowering Value of Life Via Enlightenment (EVOLVE), Inc. again, founders are our very own PC Kara, an Dt. Sandra Arrington. These collaborations will open doors to increase our charitable actions, and present the opportunity to increase our membership welcoming ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’. Each of you are needed to fulfill our Courts endeavors through our actions with others. Let’s choose to be a Court that Energizes, Educates, Employs, and Empowers.

“She Who Kneels Before God Can Stand Before Anyone”. Romans 8: 31

Daughters, regardless of your own beliefs, we're in this organization to serve and we are on the same team to complete unified efforts. A unified effort is more than the management of this Court. Unity of effort includes the core operations that have been part of this organization from the start. The work MISR performs is vitally important, and we take great pride in our duties. We try to serve all those individual needs in our community while standardizing our procedures and achieving great outcomes using a culture of teamwork. By remaining focused, we will achieve an unmatched synergy. During current transformation (and 2021 is a true transformation), it's natural for us to focus on what's new and different, to push back, to be combative, impatient. Yes, we perform a large array of roles in many specialties, and if you decide to take the time to push ‘pause’ you can welcome the idea we're more similar than different. This year, create within yourself a number one priority, and decide what you really want to do. Together we will achieve.

MISR please DON’T tie my behavior to this seat. I AM a woman first! A prayer warrior. One who will give her all because my Father did it for me! One who will stand by you, visit you when you’re sick, listen to you when you're in doubt, cry with you in times of sorrow, rejoice with you when blessing is received, and pray with you to usher in his Mercy. WHY? NOT because of this seat... But because I know WHOSE I am, and my Father did it for me. See this seat is only temporary! My actions are being recorded so when that time comes, when I breath my last breath, I will have no regrets. I’m not perfect, but you must understand it’s not the perfect ones God calls! It’s the imperfect ones who finds his grace. I know as I move forward, I will run against Satan; I can discern that. However, wherever I go and whatever road I have to travel; I’m not afraid! My Father is already there and I know that all things work together for my good as I walk according to His purpose. I don't crave for recognition and respect from others; But I rather crave for winning grace my Father. Now, ASK YOURSELF... WHO ARE YOU? CAN YOU BE THE SAME TOWARDS YOUR SISTERS!

On this day, let’s make a change. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you well, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. YOU CAN become a role model and set a standard for others. YOU CAN control and discipline yourself to resist acting or speaking in a negative way toward anyone for any reason. You can insist upon always doing things the loving way, rather than the hurtful way.

MISR Court, ARE YOU a Daughter, Sister, Friend living in your purpose? No, it’s not easy, but know your process takes you into preparation for your purpose! Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do! One of the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is probably to be authentic, and to know that whatever room I step into I belong there. I am very aware I’ve probably lived the majority of my years, so it’s most important to me moving forward that I live with quality, I live with purpose, I stay authentic.

MISR Court, we must continue our corporal works of mercy. Feed the Hungry, give drink to the thirsty, help clothe the naked, visit the sick, comfort the sorrowful, be patient with those in error, forgive offenses, and pray for the living and the dead. Life is not always going to be what we want it to be, but we can take the opportunity every day to make things a little better. Live your dream. That's the thing about dreams. You often see the outcome but NOT what it takes to get there; and what it takes to get there is how you get wisdom. Dream UPPERMOBILITY, NOT STABILITY. Make a "difference" in being a person of "comfort and convenience”, and be that person who is "committed". This is extremely important. Respect and value others time. In truth, time is the most important asset for success in life. In those Committees in which you volunteered to serve, do everything in your power to never be late, never waste someone’s time, and never allow others to waste your time. Respect boundaries. There is always room to improve no matter how good you think you’re doing.

“COMING TOGETHER Is the beginning, KEEPING TOGETHER is progress, and 

WORKING TOGETHER Is success” Henry Ford

Lastly, Extraordinary should be your ORDINARY! Let’s move on from speaking any evil beasts into existence, and began to speak it into exile! Positive thinking works miracles! The Blessing of Life is your spirit. If you lose it... you will be lost! Settle your soul and live from your heart. Let's move forward to a future, and not remanence on the past. In 2021, meet the “RE-RE’s”! REgeneration of your mind, REclaim, REjoice, REvitalize, REconnect on a positive level, REkindle, RElax, REcognize the good in others, RElease, REconquer, REequip yourself with the fruit of the spirits, REbuke, and pray for your REdo!

Today Daughters, let us take time to think about each other and the seeds we are planting for future generations with our words, thoughts, and actions. This current season is no joke and we all need prayer, unconditional love, and encouragement to keep going. As we move forward let us be more intentional with our words and more generous when celebrating one another. We do not have to be besties to clap for the other Queen winning. We do not even have to like each other but to decide to celebrate another sister who is winning is a MISRvelous thing, and it will sprinkle seeds of greatness over your life. Look around and you will notice sisters who need some extra love to keep going or some help to get back on their journey. It does not matter what it looks like, taking the time to share a “You Go Girl” goes a long way. I have enough faith to believe 2021 will NOT be our BREAKDOWN moment, it's going to be our BREAK THRU! 

Dt. Charlitha D. Hawkins

2021, Illustrious Commandress